Dimethyltryptamine Dilemma.

I keep having the same dreams

it starts out me and her

two subatomic particles moving at lightspeed

pulsing with each racing heartbeat

I feel her carbon dioxide run across my collarbone

She kisses my fingertips

But her pupils are soft white

They are identical snowflakes in a winter storm

I lay on my back and stare into her universe

Searching for neutron stars and hourglasses

moments hidden in a grain of sand

embedded in each of the constellations

She is my glassy sky.

A woman is a bookshelf

waiting to store the secrets of humanity

as she writes her own novel

Her shoulders taste like summer raindrops

And when she smiles an angel’s tear falls from heaven

A protagonist with so much character development that she’s subjected to

sequel after

sequel after


Just to test her will to survive in these pages

I keep having the same dream

we’re two subatomic particles

She is a proton, the center of my core

And my electron affection will cause me to revolve around her for eternity

Her carbon dioxide runs down my collarbone as she whispers to my bones

She kisses my fingertips

they taste like the letters on my keyboard

She looks at me with soft eyes, each retina displaying a different shade of soul

Pulsing heartbeats echoe in the void, her nothingness is my everything.

~J. Varina


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