Deus Ex Machina

I love memes, they are just hilarious
Seriously a well placed MJ crying face or Pepe with his amphibian antics can brighten my day.
It’s interesting how they convey our emotions better than our words can sometimes…
Instead of moments spent crying in the dark or laughing out loud,
we use symbols to substitute for our situation unknowingly allowing these looped images to tie a noose around our humanity

Yo Gotti said it best, it goes down in the DM’s
So let me be direct with this message, we’re on a crash course where tweets are being taken more serious than feelings.
Where we can no longer be unique, finding false virtues in hashtags
Hoping that these repetitive phrases will somehow resonate with our personal feelings.

Instagram has become our Bible,
Now believing that our life needs to be a profile of good deeds, instead of a story full of substance.

Blame Steve Jobs formerly known as the Serpent from the Garden, giving us the forbidden fruit. Trading our divinity for worldly knowledge, forgetting that our devices are made from the starving children we will never see. How our phones break like their bones, but only one of them is insured.

The internet is a failed prototype of heaven, tempting us with the idea of eternity just to discover that this forever is fractured and only errors are remembered.

Where a misread index card leads to a universal bombardment of the word nigger and now Steve can’t speak without saying Sorry first.

Where slander of character gains more attention than an actual trial and now Bill can have a broken spirit but not be behind bars.

Where killing has become a show we all tune into watch as the quality of death becomes more clearer with each cell phone upgrade. Whether it’s in the streets of Syria or Ferguson.

Or us…

We’re quick to screenshot someones mistake and share it with the world
For now it only takes a quick press of the home and lock key to invade the privacy of someone else.
Passing stolen conversations through a groupme so your “friends” can laugh at misfortune of others. Taking the vulnerability from the victim as he watches his Vulcan home world be destroyed by those clinging behind the keyboard.

The truth is…

We spend more time staring at Orwellian screens than God’s scenes
Going to parties just to show others how to be alone in a crowded room
Living our lives on a 1984 snapchat story
Because Father Time abandoned us
Mother Nature rejected us
Now all we’re left with is Big Brother and he doesn’t play nice

Don’t believe me, China just implemented a digital citizen score…and now we’ve got analytics that register and record our every digital move. Drones with eagle eye vision that are just shia of watching our daily commute. Or accepting terms and conditions packed full of extra wording that we overlook the fact the sentence that  grants access to our personal data.

I thought this was all in my head…until she stopped talking to me because I didn’t have blue text
Treating me like an automated responder
Forgetting that there was a human blowing those bubbles to her phone

How do you find love in a world where Tinder exists and intimate connection is frowned upon?

How many of us have over 1000 followers but can’t keep five friends?

Tell me where is the social media site for suffering?
There’s no place for the spirit inside a microchip, man has finally found a way to take God out of the machine. Turning our beautiful bodies into autonomic processing units, eliminating the true grace of humanity

Which is our ability to be flawed and yet full of hope.

Our moments of weakness are no longer lost like tears in the rain, but now constantly replicating through the digital space.


I’m afraid, afraid that I can’t share how I truly feel online because I’ll only be seen as post and not a person.

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