It ended with hello

two strangers coming together with a half crooked smile,

Sitting down; close enough to try and almost feel the presence of the other but not too close

Because they once were

Before the breakup

Before the heavy drinking

Before the silent nights

Being forced to watch each other try and stay afloat in a whirlpool of emotions,

Flailing with no effect.

Love was once shared like open arms at church, and allowed to bloom

Like forgotten flowers in corner.

His hands used to bring warmth, and her smile was a tad more infectious then.

But the truth about love is that it must obey time as well.

Starting off strong but ending so weak, like a terminal patient.

The four letter cancer eventually ravaged their bodies, twisting words from “I love you” to “I’m not sure anymore…

two shadows sat with each other

Each waiting for the other to speak first, because in this moment they were one again. But moments are momentary, and this too shall pass…

Not able to bear the responsibility of breaking the silence,

because with words they will discover how fractured they really are

And learn the truth that all hope died when he said



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