Feeling good today after not going insane while working 9-9. In light of that and the progress I’ve made, I’ll share an excerpt of something I’m working on. What it’s going to be I don’t know yet, but it’s something to me which means it’s something to share. Cheers, feedback too! I’m in uncharted waters here. 

The garage door opened and the sun was nowhere to be found, but it didn’t matter to him. The weather seemed to match his mood for the day, hell maybe for the rest of his life. He began to stretch when he heard a door open behind him. “Anna I said I don’t want any breakfast, just go back to bed.” He looked back to see a younger figure, a girl no less than 20 standing with her hands in her pocket. “Oh sorry, Sophia, I thought you, well, morning.” “Hello Mr. Hill, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll head inside now.” “No you’re fine. I uh, I wanted to say thanks. You’ve been really helpful since we…” He paused. The girls face came into focus, she looked half-asleep and annoyed. “It’s my job Mr. Hill, I’m here because I have to be.” He could sense irritation in his aid, so he decided to end his conversation and continue stretching. She entered the house closing the garage door in the process and David adjusted his shoe strings. It was 6:34 according to his watch which meant he was already four minutes behind today’s schedule. Tuesday’s were meant for momentum, not mourning. He peered into the puddle left behind by yesterday’s rain, the darkness he found in his mirror returned. This time however, it wasn’t his face that appeared in the fog. It was Charlie’s. “Momentum, not mourning”seemed easier to believe when it wasn’t living in your reflection.

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