Post-Popsicle Confession

“Do you know what my mom used to tell me, when she was pregnant my sister?” Sophia shook her head, Don’s face rising from her lap. “She would tell me to whisper to her stomach. She said that the innocent have the power to communicate with a newborn soul. So I would whisper all the time. I think mom was surprised that I wanted to speak to the baby so badly. I’d tell my sister about my toys and my friends. That’s what seven year old kids cared about back then. One time I woke up from a dream, and I ran to my parents room. Of course they were asleep but I crawled in bed with them and started telling her about my dream. Funny, I can’t even remember if it was a dream or nightmare.” He chuckled. “But…when it was time for her to come, she didn’t. I remember I was in the waiting room with my aunt, and I was telling her about my sister. How she already knew my favorite things because we had talked before. I even told her my sister said my name one time, but mom and dad didn’t know. My parents shuffled out of the doors and there was nothing new. No swaddling clothes or excessive crying. Just the hum of the hospital lights above and an incomplete family. That sound, it makes my skin crawl. Maybe that’s why I only use lamps? Anyways the doctors said she was still-born, gone before they pulled her out. You know what I did though? I ran to my mother’s side and pressed my face against her stomach. I told her to stop playing hide and seek, that it was time for us to go home. Fucking clueless, right? ” His eyes passed Sophia to capture the clouds. “Hey, do you think it was my fault she didn’t live?”

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