Dear America.

Dear America,
I heard you want to be great again.

I want you to bare with me for the next few minutes because these necessities are going to be necessary one day soon

We’ve been living in this dream but it’s going to quickly turn into a nightmare as we watch these back to back presidencies come to an end

Donald J. Trump is at the head of the Republican party continuing to make an ass out of our nation

no wonder their symbol is a donkey

But it’s through his leadership that we may find ourselves apprentices of slavery

Going back to the days where slurs were okay as long as it was directed at skin a few shades darker

Don’t act like this is new to you

My brothers wake up everyday wondering if they will take their last breath fresh air before finding themselves behind iron bars or wooden walls that are only meant to house one

Hoping that their mothers and wives don’t have to wash red stains out of their white tees because boys in blue had a quota to reach before the end of the month.
O mi hermanos y hermanas who’s familias have uno chance in this land because they don’t have a green card in their hands

And they may be aliens that come in peace but are the ones who end up being abducted from their own homes
Or us born in the middle class

The buffer between the one percent and the other ninety nine problems

Our parents make a little too much to be granted welfare but not enough to take care of our wellbeing so we say farewell to a life of freedom and pick up servidur to pay off these college debts for a degree that doesn’t even get me a career
This is how he plans to make America great again by using us as the foundation for his Empire

His tower already resembles that of Babylon

A man made construct that’s sole purpose is to prove that the soul of man can become a God if he climbs high enough

How foolish we are
It’s here within this country that he defies the gospel on the daily,

Passing laws that no longer allow those born with different appendages to be safe within the stalls of a bathroom

Or banning an entire nation of lost sheep dressed in shieks clothing

Calling them all wolves who have to be put down without mercy

Because a feral few bared their fangs and now we want to close our doors to the refugees, the victims of our violent actions disguised as fighting ISIS.
When did this dream become such a dark twisted fantasy or has it been a nightmare from four score and seven years ago when our fellow natives watched foreigners force their way in

bringing shackles and smallpox to the tribes

And now they have to reside in reservations and hear the clings of casino coins echoing in their empty homes
Tell me how many of you are proud to be an American now?

Our name is a scarlet letter that we must wear with shame whenever we travel

Hiding our hometowns in hopes of seeking heaven elsewhere

Because this red haired devil of a man has fired up our once friendly neighbors

Turning our once proud flag into a symbol of oppression as we continue to provide “aid” for these “unstable” countries

Or is it because their resources have been realized and we’re running out?
This false idol of a nation is being built on the bodies of the black and the brown

His hands reach higher as our corpses pile whether death was granted from a bullet or a broken back

We toil to watch those who support him at the top enjoy the fruits of our labor

Sucking the juices out of the last wishes from the hungry children or homeless

Leaving only a forgotten face on a television screen
A place where devout Christians can smile in your face on Sunday but sing praises for the antichrist on Monday

He didn’t make it this far on his own

You see those same white people who say racism doesn’t exist are his trump cards which is why he’s been winning every hand

Causing others candidates to silently fold

As if we’ve been slipped a Rubio in our drinks and have to watch the nation’s  downfall on cruise control and yet I fear there are no gifted hands that could separate us from him anymore
This is his great America

This is the land of the free and home of the  brave

No this is the land where we are enslaved

Lured in with silky spun “opportunities”

Only to be ensnared

In the web of lies

As we wait for the fangs to drain us

And it won’t change

Because I see three thousand hash tags about voting but only three of me in the booth and I’m not talking about the studio..
So my wish

My wish is that you use your voice

Because there’s so much power in a cast ballot

And if you don’t

Then don’t say shit when you find yourself stuck in limbo because you died in the American dream, an idea that has been incepted into all of us.

So dear America, if you really want to be great again then don’t let the red haired devil win.

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