Momma read me a book once when it was just me and her at night.  There were no pictures or big words so I couldn’t understand it. But she did, and she’d tell me all it’s secrets every night before bed. I didn’t like many of them, except one story was about a castle with big walls and no swords. It was gold and white. Or brown and green I don’t remember much except…

that it was in the sky.

There were rooms for the whole world. She told me grandpa was already there,

But I didn’t want a room because I couldn’t bring toys,

And this castle may not have toys.

I had a hard time believing 

That was in the sky, with the sun and moon. And I couldn’t find it,

Even with a telescope 

Momma said you’ll never see it until it’s time for you to enter

Yet I didn’t know if I wanted to go

So I played with my toys

And my toys eventually broke, but I kept playing

Until my toys broke me…


So with no more toys and no more me

I remembered my mother’s tale

How there was a castle in the sky,

and it would always be there.

Even if I forgot it,

There would always be a room for me

with new toys.

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