Always Returning

This is it. Standing in the airport, watching them all go. As do I, back home. With new ideas, and ink. New York was proof, that the person I’m becoming is not only tolerated, but welcomed by the world. And by myself.

To operate in a space freely, using my camera to do what? To show that God is everywhere. There’s work to be done, so much work. Each day needs to be used to the fullest. Don’t forget what you have learned here:

  • The value of opportunity
  • No hesitating
  • Give yourself to God so He can go
  • AHA
  • No Ordinary Moments
  • Brotherhood
  • Love in NYC
  • The power of dance
  • White shoes are a canvas

Remember what you saw. Remember the smells, the lights and signs who ruled your brief existence here. You will see them soon, and they will remember how you looked at them, so do it with care.

Observations + (Vision and Drive) = Action

Action + (Work and Genuine Passion) = Creation

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