Remembered Strangers, Forgotten Lovers

There will come a day, months after that day

When the inevitable will happen

And your position in my life will become both past and future

I’ll see a girl who looks like you, and she’ll smile like you did at my jokes

And her eyes will tell me all the things you used to whisper to me.

We’ll probably date for awhile,

At first to make you hurt then long enough for me to start seeing you in her reflection

To blend our memories together with hers

How parasitic we really are

Time will pass and I’ll only be as open with her as I was with you at that point

Strangers who pretend to be lovers

Intoxicating each other with false promises


I’ll call you

I’ll miss you

I’ll tell you let’s go back, that it’s all been a bad dream

And you’ll awake to my message and hate me, because your whole day is already tainted with the thoughts of me

You’ll respond only to make me feel better and I will until I see her again, and then I’ll feel more alone than ever before

I’ll try to see her as her, to love her like a passion,

However, I’ll always be reminded

her lips, your kiss

her hands, your touch

Does that make me a bad person?

That I want to mold another into your image, would God get jealous of my creation?

Because you were and are and all she can ever do is be

Your absence is her invitation

She only exists now, in my loneliness

As a ray from the light you shared with me

But deep down she will know this is pointless, because she knows she isn’t you.

There will come a day, months after that day

Where my toughest decision becomes my greatest mistake
He doesn’t look like your type

Maybe that changed after me

But it matters not because he’s here

And I was there

I saw him

He’s yours and you don’t even have to tell me

The way he glows from the aura you provide

I know he’s loved by you

Because I was once loved by you

In his eyes I see the truth

That he feels invincible and innocent

He’s seven years old again with you

I bet his love taste like heaven

his hands explore your frame

And the way he holds you in will make you forget I ever happened

Will you forget I happened?

A fading mist on the edge of a long dream

How long will my pictures and books and promises stay in your apartment

Or will he appear before I have even had a chance to turn into a memory?

He will smirk when he meets me, because he knows he has done the impossible

How he healed and mended the scars I thought I was carefully cutting

I should’ve ripped your heart up, so only I could put it back together again

Instead I left it intact, sitting on ice ready for another to handle.

Does that make me a bad person?

Because I’d be so drunk on selfishness that I’d restrict you only to me.

He will be there and you will want nobody else, especially not me.

I’ll love her because she’s just like you, and you’ll love him because he’s nothing like me.

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