William Blake Came Through The Window

First time on the track so call me a verbal virgin

Hands up dont shoot

My boys be squirming

Handcuffs and sirens

I think I hear a momma cryin

But me, I ain’t from the hood though

From a place where we have only one drug store

Living in the woods like a Banjo

No Kazooie

But I can make a chick flap her wings

You hear the ways these doves sing

Sounds like the quiet cry

Of a prince

So let me take a moment and rinse

Because somehow tears are in my eye

Allergies is what I’d say

I can’t be out no way

Or use that latex when we get back to your place

But I’m quick

Like a black chick

I mean ostrich

I just choose to have my feet planted than wings flappin

Because these niggas be clapping

And all my homies trapping

But I’m in the books

Reading up how to really cook

No Pinkman but I stay with that white

Not drugs but gloves

I’m onto something of an interstellar flow

Hanging out with a martian while we grow

Trying to see if this green can come from nothing

But shit we gotta do something

Trying to survive without picking up a nine to five

But maybe I can do a ten and two

Drive real slow because there’s traffic

This may get graphic

But imagine how I can kill these beats with my bare hands

Holding one black glove like my last name’s Simpson

But I’m with the people

Take em all to the steeple

And have em listen to a few scriptures

Maybe snap a few pictures

I just wanna be loved like my boy Rome-O

Capulet or santos

Watching you dudes play hero while I’m Thanos

It’s quite the grandiose feeling

And if you didn’t catch that then you better get a websters

I make a girl’s legs hurt


Because she runs through my mind like all the time

Crazy how I brought that back with another romeo line

I’m thinking in due time

I could spark some dope tunes

Upload em and watch the 4G zoom

Killen em slowly

Guess its because I rep that hill

Degree to my name

But thats nothing new

And if you didn’t know thats cool too

I’ll put this on rap genius

I thought I’d like to sing this

But I prefer straight lines

Like my lady so acute with an ass thats obtuse,

Thats a compliment baby I swear,

Because from this angle you could be my angel

But let me hit a quick three sixty

And then put five on it

And we’re back to new years

I can already here the cheers

Not from the fans

But from the Klans

Cause Trump is in the lead

And these ballot pens don’t bleed

I’m telling you the truth

I’m saying hit the booth

I’m saying if we don’t stop this man from enacting his plans we’re gonna see a rise of red and white

I’m not talking the knights templar

This couldn’t be more simpler

Or do you get it

Maybe I should stitch this

On the front of a hat

So others will know where your head is at

But Ima go ahead and wrap this up

Cover it with some real steel

Because I’m about to make this leftover beat a real meal.

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