A Conversation Between…

A snippet from my most recent chapter in the upcoming story FLW.


“Do you remember that night in October?”

“Which one?”

“That night where we went to that party for one of your mom’s friends. It was in some cramped apartment on 35th. You were wearing a black shirt with a white collar and some black pants. I think you had gold in your shoes too.”

“Hmm. Oh you mean that night where we-“

“Yeah, that night.”

“Of course I remember. That was a good night.”

“Just good?”

“Well, maybe just okay.”

He frowned.

“I’m kidding. That was magical. I remember seeing all those people dancing in that tiny room as if they were in a grand ballroom.”

“And there was that one couple. The guy kept spinning his partner around so much that we all thought she was bound to throw up.”

“Right! And then the cat ended up jumping into the punch bowl.”

“The cat did what?”

“Yeah, he jumped right in. He went in white and came out red. Looked like a bloody napkin afterwards.”

“Hm, no wonder that punch tasted so funny. I think I may have swallowed a fur ball then.”


“It’s good for your skin.”

“Says who?”

“Hmmm, scientists. In fact all of them.”

“Okay, sure.”

She paused.

“What made you think of that night?”

“I always think of that night. It’s one of the few memories I hold onto. I just felt like we belonged there. Surrounded by a bunch of strangers in some tiny complex, all of us having a good time for no reason whatsoever.”

“Yeah, I just remember us being pushed up against the wall during that first song.”

“You just used that as an excuse to get closer to me.”

“So what if I did, it worked didn’t it?”

“Yeah it sure did.”

A moment passed

“What are you thinking about Joshua?”

“I’m wondering if I can make the rest of your life feel like that night, starting now.”

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