Christian Atheism.

The other day I was searching the internet and noticed that my forbes list didn’t have a thought of the day

There was no ancient wisdom or modern prophecies posted on my LCD screen

I felt a moment of loss and confusion as if I just was given bads news

And I know it may not seem like a big deal to you but

When did our life become so secondary to technology

Where errors messages and bad wifi can make you forget the sun is still shining or how our waking thoughts are to check inboxes instead of sending direct messages to God

But ten years ago the serpent from Genesis revealed his new face as Steve Jobs

Still calling us to try his forbidden fruit

Crafted on the backs of starving children

Tempting the 21st century adams and eves to trade their intimacy for information

Nowadays people don’t even know how to hold a conversation unless it involves rapid finger movement, selfie cameras and the infamous wink eye emoji.

Its disgusting how many of us will sacrifice our souls just to keep up with the current trends

When girls are exposing just too much of themselves on instagram to gain validation or dudes bragging about their drug habits to the world just to remain hip.

I’m not here to offend because the sad reality is that I do it too

I am also a victim of social media abuse,

A survivor of the technological cancer that has been eating away at our priceless youth for far too long

Gil Scott Heron was only half correct

The revolution will not be televizied

It’s been digitized

Converted to fit in the palm of each able bodied human beings hand

Who are the real humans nowadays

Is it the friends and strangers we see on a daily basis or the devices that direct us to them?

Our desensitization to tragedy is the real problem

The fact that we can stomach watching black and brown bodies substitute as shooting range dummies but “literally die” when we get on twitter

Or  allow the one percent to dictate who can come into a country based on green cards but have time to argue about green texts

That we can take screenshots faster than we can lend a helping hand

Or maybe because I cracked my phone the same day one of my mentors died I struggled to shed tears but still found time to vent about shattered glass

Dont you get it?

We, as in we the people are no longer people

Instead we have become the drones that eat, sleep and fuck

Always looking for instant gratification, searching for our fifteen seconds of infamy

Not realizing that the minute you show something intimate to everybody it loses its meaning

We are no longer intimate being

We communicate but don’t connect

We watch others suffer but don’t act

We sleep with each other but don’t embrace

No, you see we’ve traded in that luxury for a phone that can record our every moment and now we’re left wondering if life still goes on when the 10 second story is up
But there is a silent beauty hidden within these screens
The fact that you can share priceless moments with me thousands of miles away
Or that I can cook to my favorite song from 1984
Or the fact that if it wasn’t for social media you wouldn’t know anybody you know.
Only the millenials feel me when I say remember the first time you made an AIM account for a crush.
See that’s the beauty I’ve been searching for
To validate that our relationship is not parasitic but symbiotic
It’s the faint sound of electricity slow dancing with your soul between the wires
Life is beautiful, remember that  every day there are millions of human beings with hearts trying to reach for their dreams just like you so no device can digitize a soul.
I still believe…

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