” The Inspirationists Experience”

“Had I been blessed with even limited access to my own mind there would be no reason to write.”  – Joan Didion

Why do we write? 

(All great things begin with an extremely vague question with an impossibly immense open ended response and I plan for this to be no different, but anyways welcome let’s get to it.) What does it mean to write anyways? What possessed the first cave dwellers to develop  inconsistent drawings into a legible form of communication. The origin of the word “write” is “writan” which is the Proto-Germanic word”to scratch or tear” (Online Etymology). If we take this concept of scratching, then what exactly are we ripping? There are some of us who use writing to peel back the layers of their conflicted souls, in hopes of seeking light or the void. Some write to steal moments of time and space in order to return to them later, and then there are others who write simply to uncover the unknown. Whatever that reason may be, the truth is that, you are a writer (despite your own self-doubt, if you have it). If you are one who picks up a pen, a notepad, a keyboard, a typewriter or even your own blood (which is kind of weird), and you scribble something down, then you have written. That is writing in the simplest state.

Back to the question, why do we write? Specifically, why do you write? If you are viewing this page that means you are a reader, but I bet that you also double as a writer. I would try not to call this a writing challenge, but that is the easiest way to identify what this will be. I am doing something different on this site for the month of November; instead of posting my works, I will open the door to allow others to share pieces of their soul on this screen. With this “challenge” (that sounds so cliche), there will be topics that participants will choose from and a variety of styles for them to try. The goal of this is simple, to improve and more importantly, to inspire the aspiring writer. Sounds great right? But I can’t just let you in for free, as much as I would like to. In order to participate you must offer payment, and you’re probably telling yourself, don’t let this be another gofundme gimmick. No, there is no money involved in this, instead your payment will be your answer to the question. What is your why? You must write out your answer to that. The response can be as long as you want, but mind you, I’m not reading dissertations.  You can write and send your answer to me (I’d totally love that), but you must write that answer for yourself. I’m going to utilize the honor system here. Then you must write down your goal for participating in this experience (a much better word than challenge). What do you aim to seek at the end of November? How do you wish to improve or try something different?

So you’re probably wondering about the title too, well that’s because you won’t be in this experience alone. I will be on the journey right next to you, (because I have no idea what I’m doing with this), but you will be joined by all the other aspiring writers who want to participate. There’s nothing like having someone to create with. Now, I’m not saying that we’re all going to be best friends after this, but I’m giving everybody the opportunity to meet a fellow writer, and also a chance to share their work with someone who understands the importance of the written product. I came up with the slightly unique, slightly lame title of the “Inspirationist” for this “community”. To inspire  means to be stimulated mentally or creatively, but it’s origin lies in the concept of “breathing life”. This is what I aim to do with this group, to surround myself with other “life breathers” (not like mouth breathers), and watch what happens when we all concentrate our efforts one one goal, and that is to inspire another.  You may be the only one who’s pen hits your page, but know that there are others out there, who are doing the exact same thing as you; they are tearing towards the truth.


If this still sounds like a good idea, then comment, message, or send a carrier pigeon my way. Basically just get in touch with me so we can move forward with the experience. It will begin on the first of November and I will have more details about the topics and what it will consist of then. Until then, continue to let your pen bleed. 

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