I am more than my reflection [by: Daisy Kaur]

You see me,

My brown eyes, with depth beyond oceans.

But you fail to see parts of me that are what my reflection should be.

First generation fists,

Knocking on knowledge’s door.

An artistic mind,

Painting my life to be so much more.

You see me,

my dark hair, flowing and free.

But look deeper into my soul,

And see the dark dreams I’m still trying to flee.

You see me,

my beautiful brown skin.

But I feel you so easily miss everything that’s within.

Melanin from a history of genocide,

Yet discrimination against Sikh turbans never broke our pride.

You see me,

My legs, sturdy and strong.

Yet unable to run from all that is wrong.

Between the stereotypes, the expectations, the judgement and microaggression,

My feet have grown weary despite our lack of progression.

You see me,

My mouth flows from my heart.

But my heart flows for the mouths too scared to speak,

My own sisters of Punjab, seen too small and weak.

Bracelets of burden placed upon female wrists at birth,

Weighing down hands only trying to reach their worth.

You see me,

But at the end of the day

Nothing can change that you reflect ONLY what you see.

Mirror…that’s what makes you, no different from society.

                                                       -I am more than my reflection [by: Daisy Kaur]


Daisy’s poetry IG: @dk_poetry

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