Not your character. -Geo

“Not Your Character” by Geo P.

Who is it today?

Quien soy hoy?

Who am I today.

Quien sera hoy?

The sun glares and reminds me of reality.  Un reflejo.  I break from life and lose myself in images, through ripples and scratched surfaces I find my way.

Que pinche revoltijo.  Even my reflection lies to me.

No me encuentro en las cajas mágicas y llenas de imágenes.

Today I got called a spic, ayer, un gringo.

My accent betrays me and I don’t feel as white as I look.

My skin betrays me and I don’t look as brown as I feel.

Intento reflejarme en otros, yet the only reflections I see are muddied caricatures tainted by opaque lenses.

La cajita mágica me miente. Like seasons my complexion changes with my character.

Los libros son un escape. Words are my favorite mirrors.

My reflection is what I imagine, unfiltered images free of stereotypes.

Todos son marrones.

I am not the drug dealer.

No soy el cholo.

I am not the side kick.

No soy el sirviente.

Cracked screens tell prophetic stories of freedom.

Liberado de una cultura que no me acepta, simplemente soy.

I am not the reflection on the TV screen.  I am not the man you want me to be.

Lo soy todo, all of the above.

Yo soy el narco. I am the cholo. Yo soy el compañero. I am the servant.  

I am not the man you want me to be.  I am the man you don’t expect and the one you do.

The one you fear, soy un guerrero a voces.

I am my reflection, cada uno.

I am all those images, and I am my own.

Guerrero marron.



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