Objects In The Mirror – Woo


Let’s just imagine that I really was what everyone thought me to be

Let’s imagine that I took my own advice half as well as I seemed to give it,

and not to seem hypocritical but rather critical of my own condition to the extent that all I recall are the times I fell short

imagine that I really felt as gifted as my potential seemed to exhibit,

at all the right times in front of all the right people in all the right places it seems to shine bright

but behind closed doors doubt and insecurity act as perfect blackout curtains to my life’s uncertainties

Imagine I told you that although you think of me as someone who has mastered the ability to wait patiently, impatience has always been one of my worst qualities

I hate waiting.

What if I told you that depression has been the constant baggage of my soul’s road trip even though I manage to bring just enough joy along when our paths cross for you to ever notice  

What if someone known for having all the answers really knows nothing,

full of pure intentions but an internal vision of a manifestation of bad decisions

What if I told you that I was lost in purpose with enough bad vices to death grip my mind and distort the picture long enough for reality’s mirage to run its course

Imagine that as well as I string words together my communication is almost nonexistent in hopes to keep everyone at distance,

even those that know to me they mean the most

What if the man in the mirror wasn’t the one that you recognized,

who would I be to you then?

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