American Anxiety

Yesterday, I, along with every conscious minority in this country, watched our immorality disappear. We were then left with unmatched confusion, quaking depression, and an overall fear for our futures.

Some of us were terrified because the police were now free to do what they wanted.

Some of us saw visions of our families being deported out of this country.

Some of us witnessed their gender role once again be reduced to a piece of property.

Some of us are afraid because neighbors can now load a clip of bullets into a Quran.

Last night, America experienced a nationwide anxiety attack. Phones shook in sweating palms as live updates came, eyes grew moist due to the reality being shown on television, and hearts went quiet as our nation silently slipped into the backdoor of Hell. This has been an illness we have ignored for years, believing our nation to be true and just; only to have those ideas smashed in our face. Today we cry, we tremble, we curse, and we question God. Today we fear for tomorrow:

How will we survive amidst the hate?

What can we do to protect our loved ones?

Will our spirit be able to withstand this transition?

Questions swirling in the mind of every “un-American” American. Fighting off dreams of death, dismemberment, and destruction only to realize that our eyes have been open the entire time. However within this moment of suffocating darkness, we must find a moment to breathe. Try it with me now





Rub your hands together slowly.

Feel the friction of your palms.

Listen to the sound of your own skin.

We must first calm ourselves and then we must control our fears. The reality is that this anxiety will not end overnight. No, this is a feeling that will now share the bed with us, it is a tick hidden within our hair that will drain us, it is our new truth. We have but one task left now, to find a greater truth. Fear will always get the best of us if there is nothing better in our lives. What is better than fear? I do not know, but one day I plan to discover this ancient secret and share it with you all. Until then I will do my best to deal with my American Anxiety, but I fear that this illness may get the best of us.

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