Untitled – Geo.

I cry.

The sky cries with me.

Tears masked by acid rain burning at my skin.

Cries muted by booming clouds clashing in the heavens.

I have no savior, time and again his light is proclaimed by those who wish me harm.

Still, the skies cry with me.

My dreams were bought by a man bankrupting freedom.

My family sold by a community collecting interest.

Today I learned we are not free.

Our freedom was on loan, to eventually be taken back.

We ran from the lion’s den to the tiger’s mouth.

Like Daniel, I escaped, only to fall to my self-proclaimed saviors.

Where I was safe, I am now captive.

We ran to freedom, and found it to be a cage.

Imperialism burned my homelands.

As the fire spread we ran to open waters.

Now, we drown.


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