“I’m Me” Written by Crystal Cruz


People judge you by what they first see.

You ever find yourself sayin “bitch you don’t know me”?


They tell you what to think and how to act

but when you categorize me you limit yourself – and that’s a fact.

I am…you can fill in the blank,

cause I don’t really care what you started to think.

We all have flaws.  They make us who we are. But I’m not running from mine anymore.

I am Puerto Rican. No, I don’t know Spanish. I bet you’ll eat my rice and beans though.

I am from New York, yes I have an attitude – and it’s “attractive” unless directed at you though.  


I am hip hop, and not this new school yo gotti shit, I’m talkin Bone Thugs, Nas, and Cameron shit.

To everyone from past whose words left me shook:

You ain’t shit, but I’m glad my aura made you look

cause those words became a slave to a page in my rhyme book

See if I fucks with you its cause you relate to me

and not cause you’re someone I pretend to be

Don’t hate me for my ability

to chill with a culture that technically ain’t me

I call that empathy

-and I am Damn good at it…

And another thing- don’t hate on me because of my size

you’re just as beautiful with those hips and thighs

and if I had it my way we’d switch or even compromise –

Well, at LEAST that’s what I used to say,

but now I know better than to ever wish I was different than how God made me

this body, this mind, was given to me for a purpose and I wear it Proud on the Daily

I am who I am, and I’ll be who I’ll be, so let me tell you if you cannot see…

My name is Crystal Danielle Cruz..please do not get confused

it’s spelled C.R.U.Z. , no E at the end I’m not a Chevy –

I will LAST YOU, cause I’m a ride or die chick

and if you don’t know  that then baby you didn’t make the list.

I declare to not let my happiness be measured by an opinion that’s not mine

my kindness will lift you up and tear you down at the same time

So my beauty is not to be deceived.

I don’t care what you think – it’s about what I believe

Fuck the world and the standards of society…cause my soul is best served, when I’m Just Me.

~The Vocalist



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