“Ayn’s Axiom” – Lee

An excerpt from my journaling. Text used is the “Journals of Ayn Rand”.

The moral law of man must be based on his nature as man” (251). We come back to morality, which is a set of principles on what is right and wrong. If this doctrine is based on man, then the question presented by Rand is “what is man’s nature? (251)”. If we examine the moral law, we find that good and evil are disproportionate; goodness is greatly overshadowed by evil. What does this say about our universal nature? All living creatures have an aspect of their nature that aids in them in survival. Rand believes that man’s attribute is reason. “His brain is his only weapon (251).” Just like any other weapon, one must use it to improve the level of proficiency. Man has tapped into his tool of survival and created a world. Sartre believed that a man must exist before his purpose, and Rand expresses something similar. We are given our mind, but without any instructions on its use. We must be the ones to discover how to use it and then shape ourselves with that tool. This is how we discover our being, by crafting it with what we have been given, a mind born as a tool from our nature. “Man’s life ultimately depends upon every conclusion within his brain (252).” We can assume that conclusion is the final step of discovery; also assuming that this is true we must then ask how does one reach a conclusion within their mind? I believe it is by placing an action towards a thought. It is simply not enough for the brain to think, it must do. In order to do we must choose an appropriate action that represents that conclusion, which leads us to, as Rand says, “the ultimatum of man’s existence (252).” We were created to choose, to utilize a force other than instinct, and primal logic in order to survive. Choice is defined as “to decide that a particular person or thing is the one you want (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)”. What, then, is the importance of the want? It is want that will ultimately define us, needs are arbitrary because they are necessary for basic survival; but man will become a being once a want is discovered. There is proof in all of us, and within our daily lives. We seek, we dream, we wish, we hope. All of these abstract beliefs have one common element, want, and want is the tool that will sculpt the self from the mass of marble known as humanity…

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