This forthcoming body of work may amount to absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, and it may only benefit the one who is creating it; however, I have a slim degree of faith that this confession will inevitably aid the individual. I was once, and may still be, an individual but in asking these questions, I hope to be less man and more self. These words are part of an expression, a cry from the depths of an ever-expanding mind. Questions have struck like falling meteors-some ancient and some modern-and in writing them down, I plan to seek an understanding, or at least be led towards one. This is an expression of my self, a being not yet fully blossomed, the sprouts of a broken seed who has lived within the damp darkness of ignorance. I write this as my eyes adjust to the light for the first time, leaving the moist cavern behind me. In my musings, I have uncovered a few truths that may apply to all men and women, or solely to me. I cannot tell the reader, if there is any, what they should do with this information; yet I wish these words will aid when it is time for them to form their own questions. Such is the nature of the man, the being I aspire to become. Within all of us, we have the tool to define ourselves, craft our nature, and differentiate between those who surround us. We are divisive creatures, yet we have no foundations of our own, save for the ones society has purposefully assigned to us. If you are reading this then I challenge you to use your mind, always. It is the gift that God has bestowed upon us, and it will serve as the greatest source of truth, even in the darkest of days.

At the first of the month, for the next year, I am going to post essays that I have written in my personal journal. These topics will range from existential philosophy, my walk with God, liberation, creativity, and other thoughts that enter my mind throughout the days. I hope that my ramblings will be able to aid whoever decides to read them, the same way that I was aided when these words were first written.

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