The Noble Ideal

Man, what makes us sharpen swords

Don flawed armor

And brandish worn shields?

Willing to charge to death without delay,

Clashing against our own reflections.

We stand opposing others,

Who are us with minimal differences.

What is it that brings us face to face with the end?

Woman, what makes us say goodbye,

Releasing knitted grips on husbands,

On children,

On ourselves

Gladly sacrificing the security of family

to fight against gasping dead

Why do we freely follow the devil’s tail?

Humanity, what is the noble ideal?

The goal since Genesis,

An abstract notion that has been

Smeared with the blood of every era.

How many futures have been removed,

Because they sought to uplift this idea.

Why do we support the sacrifice of the soul?

Self, do not be fooled.

Look to the sky with questions,

For unopposed values are

Columns with no foundation;

Puropose-less displays of products.

This noble ideal, it is the razor blade

Resting in the extended hand,

Waiting to taste your flesh.

I beg thee,

Do not follow the noble ideal.

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