Favorite Colors

There is a color in the horizon that does not belong.

It waits until the sun’s patrol is done to appear

A thief capable of stealing the pupils of children.

It springs forward from the monotonous grey

Providing proof of promises to young lovers.


This color is a fire that burns only for a few

Leaving a cloud of black smoke in it’s wake.

This is God’s favorite color, (or at least I’m convinced).

Appearing only when he wants it to

Serving as a blanket to wrap up our sorrows and satisfactions.


It looms over vast lakes and dense forests,


Able to grant the mother a moment of reprieve;

It is this color that I aim to add to my easel


Painting it upon my bare chest

Every time it appears.


I pray to carry it,


continuing live in this borrowed time

As a radiant child

Destined to illuminate the world.


May I always feel the warmth of God upon my face in the sunset. 


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