Questions & Art

Why is it that after countless centuries of advancements and growth that humanity can still not provide any permanent answers to questions regarding art?

Simple, art is the production of an essence. When an individual has tapped into the wellspring of pure love (love in it’s most basic sense), then art is created. It begins with an idea, a desire to produce something tangible and physical; yet it’s origins lie within the realm of metaphysics. Techniques are undertaken in order to generate this creation, but in order to truly succeed, one must become wholly aware of the skills; they must also be able to consistently perform these artes to broaden their understanding of their craft. Art is the union of skill and the soul, a bonding of logic and instinct into an invention. It was birthed within the soul, which is why it is able to have such a profound effect on our beings and it’s conception and depth will forever remain a mystery. Just as our eyes will never glance at every star in space, we must also accept the reality that art will produce questions that have no one answer. But isn’t that what makes it truly beautiful?

Humanity is always seeking answers and yet there are indivduals brave enough to propose a question. A sculpture with polished eyes, an impressionistic style painting of a foggy fishing wharf, a duet of violin and vocals; these are not just creations but also conclusions. They are the final products of an artistic mind, (and every mind is capable of becoming artistic in it’s own right). When one seeks the truth, either within themselves or the world, they must be prepared to express that truth to another and the best way is through works. However, this question is elusive like the shimmering oasis lost in the desert of dry bones and tyrannical heat.

Art will inevitably save humanity from itself; without art man would’ve died out centuries ago. But, unfortunately, the culture is depraved. We are now mere followers, and the true essence of art has been tainted by trends. It has degenerated and instead of a select few providing conclusions; we have a society full of impatient apprentices who wish to produce their Master work without any lessons (or failures). And yet, art is not dead; only suffering, hanging onto its last breath as we attempt to exist without it…how foolish we can be.

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