Cruel Unintentions

It started when you stopped biting your nails

You found something

Something I had been trying to show for months, only to have you discover it when you were alone

A calling

A light.

A dance between heaven and hell

This life

Is only so fragile

Suffering renews strength

and happiness is a relatively new invention

You found a part of yourself

A piece hidden amidst the anxiety

Lodged within the depression you ran away from

Deciding to dig deeper instead of being buried

You found the power to choose

To stick by your decisions, whether right or wrong

Before, you were a babe,

Thirsting for my honey

My presence was more than important, it was vital

But all children must leave the crib, I just didn’t expect you to go so soon.

Holding your head high as you finally grasped the ledge leading to heaven

You were closer to your dreams, but so much farther away from me.


A relic from your indecisive dynasty

To give you up is to give myself up

And to give up myself is to give up my self

Now viewed with appreciation over love.


Oh change, how cruel you are

To the one who doesn’t.

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