We are all zombies

nothing but hollow corpses

corrupted piles of shifting skin cells

dragging our empty bodies on the sidewalk

You see our brains have been eaten

Gnawed at by electrical signals and data signs

Technology has zombified us

Cursed us, bartered our soul with the devil

We are insects caught in the world wide web struggling to break free from the copper wires that wrap us up

The box-shaped screen is a freezer that contains our organs

Heart and mind sitting on ice,

A brain freeze developed from a milkshake mixed with sweetened websites and manilla colored computer files

And now we shift through these streets,

carrying our inhibitions and fears

Inscribing the new commandments on these tablets

Thou shall not post more than three pictures on Instagram

Thou shall always sleep with the phone next to your head

Thou who does’t not know the latest Buzzfeed post is a sinner

We have lost our humanity.

It was transformed by the gamma irradiated internet

And now we are nothing but hulking figures of angry information

Heads struggling to stay up as we are ensnared by the sights and sounds of a cell phone

You call this life?

When conversations slip out of our hands like tap water

and fluoridated feelings fall to the floor

It’s rare to be human these days

To hear the hums of the wind in the trees, feel the angel kissed breeze

For we are zombies,

Hollow hosts just hunting for the next human to follow

Autonomic corpses inserting our opinions in every USB port

Generation Y is in the pit of the alphabet for a reason

Because we shall bring about World War Z

It seems the Mayans were right, 2012 killed humanity over night

Survivors in a world of empty friendships

For we are the age of the apocalypse.

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