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The dark rolls over the horizon like a cloud of smoke.

A hint of fuschia rises above the tree tops as the night shares its first kiss with the cool grass.

A streetlight, a lone temple has been lit, even before the sun started to retire. The sounds of bouncing balls and laughter form a medly with the chirping crickets and dying motors.

I’m one with this place.

It has decided to use me as a decoration; what I must look like to the passing strangers.

“How peculiar that boy looks upon the rooftop. His hand twirls while his head looks into peace.”

There is an open window, his origin.

Little do they know of this place.

I have shared this moment with only one; an arachnid whose tiger legs and hourglass upon its back protect her from touch, but yet we sit…together.

She weaves her web as I weave my words, both spilling pieces of ourselves in an effort to trap any who would come close.

It has taken her the entire dusk to complete, but that is how she works.

For in the night, she will wait while the stray bugs find their way into her net.

Maybe, I’ve become her mate, using the light of the day to build so my creation can have purpose.

The Lighthouse

My foundation rests on the unknown,

Curiosity crashing against the briny banks

Stability adrift in opposite direction.

I am the sole savior that stands between a hundred lost,

And solid ground.


I guide vessels to and fro


wet wood washing,

Weary faces weeping,

Cloth sails, and drowning hopes.


Asleep I lay during the day


Until sundown,

When purpose becomes pivotal

Using sources of strength to save


I am a solitary structure.

Doomed to watch others set sail,

Never able

to best the unknown,

For my purpose is to prevent;

Carry from

Conflicting waves


Comforting shores.

Will I ever bear witness to

A sight

Other than the raging currents

Culling in the dark?


It was a poison in our veins.

Spread from my lips to hers

Paralyzing the present,

Our minds seizing the future

-or so we thought.

How we stopped living for ourselves

And began living for each other

Putting personal feelings aside

As the tumor of untouched emotions festers

Stars dimming in the smoke

The last moments drowning

For now,

We are but dried petals

Gradually decomposing

Our inner warmth fading as eyes become cloudy

with tears

Or with the death

Of a terminal dream.

Footsteps, footsteps. Footsteps!

Blue shoes tapping on brown boards

Screws withstanding the stories of

Hundred who wish to seek the next.

The ocean below is barely audible,

Shouting seas replaced with

Tires rotating on rubbery cycles.

Shutters close and teeth exposed

As one thousand eyes are magnified

Through lenses capable of

Stealing a smile from Father Time.

Vibrations calling out the names

Of every sound that has passed

Some full of childlike joy, while

Others whisper of quiet contempt

But they all flow, in harmony,

As footsteps continue to pass

By my chilly ears.

Improper Timing

I feel the changes coming

Some fast, some crawling, 

And some that have

Yet to move.

They keep coming

In drones,

At the most inappropriate of times:

When one is writing,

Or dreaming,

Or loving.

We attempt to remain

Like statues;

However, even marble is eroded.

Fear not when the heart

Suffers the same fate as Jericho,


Change seems to come with the number seven.

“Prism Stars”

Her tears always fall at sunset,

Evening dew drops forming against

Her face,

Rolling down sullen cheek bones

As the horizon fades to black like

Hearts who’ve been in the furnaces of passion

For far too long.

Replacing diamond desires with

Coal complacency;

Love has no home here,

Only a temporary space for eternal gifts

Waiting to be buried under times soil.

I’m reminding myself of her,

Moonlight and bare legs,

Collarbone and lips,

The cool mist from a summer shower; but,

Now, winter storms whip away

While the icicles of loneliness

Begin to form where you once flowed.


Our streams reduced to abandoned creeks,

Forgotten behind the homes of strangers,

Unfamiliar feelings festering

As we separate the flesh from spirit,

Saying farewell as one fades and the other

Falls, both returning to the veil of darkness,

The resting place for our souls

Before they first found sunlight; illuminating

From fragmented pieces of my heart

These shattered stories still proving useful.

Now, the rays seek to brighten

While the night approaches,

And, we only lay


When the moon meets cloud;

And sister stars can see their reflection,

Our love shall be forgotten in the horizon

As tears fall into the sleeping sun.


We are all zombies

nothing but hollow corpses

corrupted piles of shifting skin cells

dragging our empty bodies on the sidewalk

You see our brains have been eaten

Gnawed at by electrical signals and data signs

Technology has zombified us

Cursed us, bartered our soul with the devil

We are insects caught in the world wide web struggling to break free from the copper wires that wrap us up

The box-shaped screen is a freezer that contains our organs

Heart and mind sitting on ice,

A brain freeze developed from a milkshake mixed with sweetened websites and manilla colored computer files

And now we shift through these streets,

carrying our inhibitions and fears

Inscribing the new commandments on these tablets

Thou shall not post more than three pictures on Instagram

Thou shall always sleep with the phone next to your head

Thou who does’t not know the latest Buzzfeed post is a sinner

We have lost our humanity.

It was transformed by the gamma irradiated internet

And now we are nothing but hulking figures of angry information

Heads struggling to stay up as we are ensnared by the sights and sounds of a cell phone

You call this life?

When conversations slip out of our hands like tap water

and fluoridated feelings fall to the floor

It’s rare to be human these days

To hear the hums of the wind in the trees, feel the angel kissed breeze

For we are zombies,

Hollow hosts just hunting for the next human to follow

Autonomic corpses inserting our opinions in every USB port

Generation Y is in the pit of the alphabet for a reason

Because we shall bring about World War Z

It seems the Mayans were right, 2012 killed humanity over night

Survivors in a world of empty friendships

For we are the age of the apocalypse.

A Dance with D

I wrote this for you on a used plate

That once held hot pizza at four AM.

It was all I had

At the time.

My ink is having trouble staying

Colliding with old emotions in the form of grease.

But I managed to pierce deep enough to leave an impression on you

The curves of the plate,

Contours of cheeks

And the way your laughter

Mimicked praises

As our bodies danced

To worship their Creator

Moving by force unknown

Like the pen being pushed across this makeshift papyrus.

Cruel Unintentions

It started when you stopped biting your nails

You found something

Something I had been trying to show for months, only to have you discover it when you were alone

A calling

A light.

A dance between heaven and hell

This life

Is only so fragile

Suffering renews strength

and happiness is a relatively new invention

You found a part of yourself

A piece hidden amidst the anxiety

Lodged within the depression you ran away from

Deciding to dig deeper instead of being buried

You found the power to choose

To stick by your decisions, whether right or wrong

Before, you were a babe,

Thirsting for my honey

My presence was more than important, it was vital

But all children must leave the crib, I just didn’t expect you to go so soon.

Holding your head high as you finally grasped the ledge leading to heaven

You were closer to your dreams, but so much farther away from me.


A relic from your indecisive dynasty

To give you up is to give myself up

And to give up myself is to give up my self

Now viewed with appreciation over love.


Oh change, how cruel you are

To the one who doesn’t.