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Even potted plants

Will die

No matter the care


The soil isn’t meant for life. 



I wonder…

Did this flower reside here longer than I have known?

Answers, I pray tell never to find

For truth leads to withering leaves

But in time, all must grow and and be granted the taste of light

At least once…maybe twice, if by chance.

It is no surprise that you would rise at this time,

When the sun is beginning to shine.


Today the rose broke from its slumber

It didn’t talk…except when I talked

It didn’t grow…except when I grew.

It’s still there

Waiting for something,


Thirsting, but failing to wilt

Starving, yet unable to fall.

It exists, but will not be,

not yet at least.

It believes in potential, rather than the present

Seeing “what could be” versus “what is”

The leaves may grow…one day

Or petals may fall

Either way,

Spring has come, and the rose has finally awakened.