Strike Canvas.

Your eyes remind me of snowflakes

Soft and unique 

Dancing in the light of tomorrow

Our tomorrow

Your kisses taste like summertime

Flowers bloom when you talk

I’m seven years old all over again when I’m with you

young and free 

Maybe its the strands of hair you leave in my sink

or the silence we birthed

But loving you is loving God

 Its doves in flight and stray angel feathers

My muse

With exposed features and naked bones

you force me to raise my pen

and paper

To capture every otherworldly detail about us

Reminding the world that forever exists

in the moments between love.



Stone & Iron.

There’s too much permanence in the past. Everything is stone and iron, every decision.

Every mistake and memory is eternal. 

That’s why we’re constantly living in the present. It’s temporary, but real enough

to help us get through the day.