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Moonbeam (A Melodie) – Lee

Verse I

We dance alone at midnight

With skin flowing like fresh milk

I feel our wings have taken flight

To carry me to your silk

Pale lips with matching cheeks

My hand kisses your face

And as bits of the universe leaks

I offer my heart in its place


Mirror mirror in the clouds

I hope that you can see

All that is hidden within shrouds

And show her that this is me


Stargazer, note taker, poem maker

My future is brighter than it seems

Heart breaker, now or later

I give it all for these moonbeams

Verse II

I’m standing below with open arms

Scars upon fragile wrists

Waiting for you to strike a charm

And grant me a lunar kiss

Celestial Queen I miss you

Floating only in the shadows

I’m unable to taste your hue

Until released from your gallows



Verse III

Truth is I’m staying up late for you

Passing off on sleep to lay up with you

I’m not sure if this is love

But your rays keep shining from above

Keep me company in my dark days

Watch out for the occasional craze

Because your wisps of light

Can make me feral for the night

But there’s silver in your tongue

And Platinum in your soul

Royalty is what we’ll become

When we give away our whole

Not half or less than

See I’m not here to play

My goal is to be your moon man

A life with you is what’s at stake


Random interlude conversation.

Band coming 2018.