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What if an Armageddon meteor decided to suddenly crash into the world today, leaving only one other person alive…who would you choose?

Maybe that was a tad dramatic for an introduction, but I wanted you to know what your presence means.

It is stars in orbit,

Ink in quill pens,

Hearts in wrinkled hands.

I dare not to question for the mind seeks answers;

Because with you, my soul has enough proof to know that this passion we tend is purposeful, and that scares me.

Light is sacred for when it is gone, it is dark and my eyes are tired of gazing into the abyss of myself.

But you…you are the individual I dare to dream of,

The solitary being so beautiful that a garden has been sprouted simply from your beliefs.

Point in case, you are the soil to my seed.

The seaside cottage I can retreat to during the winter. Sand crawls between my toes as the wind tries to take us with him and I am ready. For nature has found a place for us to practice this pleasure.



Let your soul shine as if it were the last star hanging in the heavens.

These words. These confessions of the chaos within, allow them to stay with you when diving into the dark for it is down here where we shall meet.

The shadows from our pressed lips will fill the world with sounds while our hearts long for the silence found only when sitting next to each other.


I wish I could forget the sound of your voice

so I could replay the first moment I heard it.

The way you said my name with a high pitch tone, squawking like a red-breasted robin welcoming the waking spring.

Your notes trailed though these lines as melodies and harmonies waxed and waned as silver tides in the luminous moonlight.

Your lips carried me to paradise without even tasting my salted skin.

I think I heard a star explode when you first whispered that you loved me…

Or maybe my mind wasn’t prepared for the sun’s shine because you have become the center of my universe.

And even now after not hearing your words for weeks, at night, while my head rests on woven feathers, I can listen to the lullaby your soul has been singing to me since the moment we first met.