Escape the Void.

I wanted to no longer be judged.
I’ve been held under the microscope like a new organism
I wanted to fall in the ranks.

I finally had my authenticity affirmed in this symbiotic city
The world was okay with being who I am
But who am I now?

I know that the me today will be a memory for the future me but what will I do now to determine who he will be. I’m a paradox but we all are…right?

I’m an escape artist

I forcibly trap myself in impossible situations
Squirm, stretch and even dislocate bones to break free
Maybe thats why I’m always bored when the trap is disarmed
And then I wonder when I will get snatched up again
Life loved flirting with me, picking me up when I start to fall forward. Slows my walk to a crawl when I try and move to fast

Loose shoelaces

That’s what I discovered this week, that life was nothing but loose shoelaces. Flapping in the wind, always directing your attention to it when it’s inconvenient, dirtying itself up when we drag on for too long.

I’m not done exploring the dark side of The American Dream so I leave continuing to pry at the layers of this das man.

Hoping to find God or the void in my being.

~J. Varina

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