Sleeping with A Corpse

Act II for FLW is underway. Here’s an old section that I wrote, it’s going to be redone soon. 

His hand reaches towards the remote and now the bedroom is silent. He curls into his corner and shuts his eyes, despite the lack of tiredness in his body. For a few minutes, he is quiet, attempting to control his breathing in hopes of falling asleep faster. It fails. He readjusts himself in bed, with his hands behind his head, staring at the fan. He looks over at Her again, who he can tell is still awake by her twitching. “Can’t sleep either huh?” he whispers. Silence. Hereaches underneath the sheets, finding her bare back in the process. She is hot, for a second he believes that he is sleeping next to a fire. “I can’t either” she finally responds. She turns towards him, but the night obscures her face. Her lips are the only thing he can detect in this darkness. “What’s on your mind hun?” ___ asks. His breathing increases and the sheets begin to move in sync with his chest. “You know what’s on my mind. It’s the same thing that’s been on my mind since the beginning. No matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about him. I can’t. I’ve tried to understand it.” “Shh, talk to me.” her hand found its way underneath his soft hair. “What exactly are you thinking about?” ___ sighed, pulling his head away in the process. “It’s nothing. Forget it, I’ll sleep it off.” “And then you’ll wake up tomorrow and feel the same way. ___, please talk to me. You’ve been so distant lately and I’m not sure what’s happened. You don’t…” tears began to form. “You don’t even speak to me some mornings. I stand at that sink just like you do, every day and yet it’s like you don’t see me. You just stare into that mirror. I’m hurting, and you can’t even see it.” she cried. The pillow absorbed her tears. “Hey I’ve been here. This whole time. I come home every night and I sleep right next to you.” “That’s it though! You don’t do anything else but sleep next to me. All we share now is this damn bed. We don’t even fuck anymore…I don’t know the last time you’ve called me beautiful. I remember, thats all you used to tell me I was. You know, I heard the word before and other’s tried to use it. But…it was you who made me believe I truly was beautiful. Because of the way you would look down at me, when I’m laying on your chest and your hair is frizzled. You would look down and ask me who’s beautiful, and I’d be too shy to answer, but then you’d kiss my forehead and give me my answer. That’s when I knew I loved you, but now…” ___tried to pull her closer but she jerked away instead. “ Now, I feel like I’m sleeping with a corpse too.”

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