The Nature of Human

The wind has eroded the face,

my face

Eyes set ablaze by the gust,

formless yet physical

Like waking anxiety.

Sending unnecessary electricity,

Matter being turned from solid to liquid

As blood escapes. The sting

of cold steel on warm flesh like

The first drop of snow on a dying leaf

Melting; my nerves have sunken into the abyss of self.

Resolve slowly broken,

As calm waves can even make mountains crumble, if tested enough.

I broke, like the last branch in winter

Or the cream egg shell, just to find that it’s purpose

has been fulfilled. Nothing inside,

It was time to rot,

To succumb to the fungal emotions:

Neglect, Self-Doubt, and Loneliness.


They began to decompose my soul

Silently consuming the truth as my animated corpse

still tried to perform, moving within the fog without light.

How selfish I was to force this task upon it,

ready to break the texture of skin with the hawk’s talon

The gray tint being painted red like a fresh kill in the ocean.

Droplets of immortality leaking, being exposed to the sinner’s air.

Fading upon contact, even as the sun observed from his lonely cell.

Skin and metal combining, for man never knew how to love nature

All he could ever do was take from her, and I was no different.

Hoping to release this geyser into the eternal,

exiting through the last gasping cough of a weary vessel.

A collection of hanging moss, electrical impulses, and contaminated water.


I wanted the end, to embrace winter as I left spring.

The elements ringing in my ear as the blade fluttered,

never bringing pain, more like the strokes of an artist;

But it was hot, and viscous

Earth shattering memories coming from a dormant volcano

my life becoming a repeat of Pompeii

As I turned against nature in hopes of finding

What it took to enter the void.


I am tired of being human.

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